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A Drop in the Ocean

While cleaning up the mess that is my life in boxes I found this print. It means a lot to me for many reasons. It is from my friends Kris and Nat’s exercises in paper marbling. I can’t remember exactly who was the expert at this process but their results were stunning.

The painting consists of beautifully coloured marbled paper with the image of a boat painted on top of the marbled paper. The boat is called Kehaar it is Kris’s Junk Rigged steel hulled go anywhere indestructible time machine! It’s real and it has been everywhere with only the power of the wind to guide it. One of Nat’s favourite mediums was embroidery, if yo look real close at the boat you can see she has embroidered it onto the page.

I Just wanted to share this here so it is not forgotten. A beautiful moment in time, though the seas were rough, there was magic in wind while mermaid sailed with us.

Image by Nathalie Quintos Uhing. (Artist and queen)

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