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Pin cushion for thoughts

Reflecting on who used to be me… people I’ve been… For 25 years I could not be separated from my bikes… I rode a bicycle everywhere.

Over the past year I have barely ridden at all. As I was searching for some of my stuff online I found the rudiments of a blog I’d started writing in. Once again I am posting this thing here for personal reference.

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

One thought on “Pin cushion for thoughts

  1. I love your honesty David! One of the reasons I started my blog because it offered a much more attractive platform for my photos of my tree change and allowed long form writing. FB posts are very restrictive.
    It is funny you mention bikes or push bikes as I prefer to call them. Last night I found a partly completed manuscript about my cycling trip with my hubby on our honeymoon through Portugal, Spain and France 22 years ago. Over a couple of drinks we had a lovely trip down memory lane with a few laughs thrown in. My cycling is on at present since a fall off a horse but we do belong to a great local social bike riding group. Look forward to reading more of your ramblings!

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