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When I first visited Bali in the late 80s there was a very strong sense of the regional organisational structures that kept people and land in balance. The beauty of Bali was no accident, but an intricate matrix of shared responsibility for maintaining the spiritual, environmental and social balance on this incredibly fertile island. The…

Momi “The Survival of Human Beings”

There are unseen treasures right beneath our noses, under toe, between the cracks, in the shadows and hidden in plain view. How do I miss them, what does it take to see them? I must slow down a little, exhale fully, take a deep breath then open my eyes as if for the first time…

Visiting the fams

Just before Christmas, and after the boy had missed his school graduation… (Thanks Covid version 2022!) we jumped on a plane and headed south to be with Family for Christmas! Well it didn’t all go that smoothly! The flight was delayed by 9 hours, which was a blessing as it meant we could sleep through…

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