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A mad man tows bicycle trailer on Stuart Highway

As a separated gentleman and hoarder with no home to call my own… I have learned I don’t actually need all that crap I’d been storing and saving and hoarding… Yep even if it’s useful crap I am most likely to forget where I left it, just as my wife used to constantly tell me. News for which I was never grateful!

Yep I realize now, she was right. Please I don’t need your sympathy and don’t bother with scorn. It wouldn’t have changed a damned thing if I had accepted her wisdom at the time! Forgetaboudit!

So anyway I dragged out this box from the shed yesterday, she wanted it gone a couple of months ago, I was sure it wouldn’t be long before she would throw it out on the street. So I managed to grab it to go through my stuff and figure if I’m ready to let any of it go, knowing full well that I have no place to put any of it!

As I was going through this box of treasures, filled with my environmental assignments and assessments, my certificates in Disability Services and Land management (I have no idea where the Library Studies stuff ended up! Sheesh… I really have spread my interests around. I found this article from the Pine Creek News.

Pine Creek is a small mining town a couple of hundred k’s south of Darwin. I rode there on my bike a few years ago, towing a trailer full of anti fracking posters, a cool bag full of ice, cold drinks, camping gear, food… Everything! It was a fun adventure, I think I posted about in the other blog ‘ Through Balanda Eyes’. Not going to bother finding it for you. It doesn’t really matter. I just thought I’d post the article here in case I have to throw it away with all my other stuff!

A rolling stone gathers biggest mob of dust.

Peace out Chickadees.

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