Gutter sculpture

Gods, monsters, trashbunny fairies Tread softly, watch for glass underfoot and syringes on the shore Angel wings, on cement things, are keeping the score.

Journeying close to home

I’ve finally reached the end of my extended stay in Melbourne. Originally intending to stay a week, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I’ve been here for six! Today I decided to go back to a spot that I’d noticed on a previous ride. A small creek I found flowing into the Plenty River that trailedContinue reading “Journeying close to home”

And the actor said, with a sly grin: “I don’t give a damn about no Portree” And his words sounded, with hidden depth and true, a lyrical tune poetic.

Indoor plant for the well healed

“Pick any house with an Aspidistra in the window. It’s a guarantee or respectability” (Bookshop owner No.1, ‘A Merry War’ adapted from Orwell’s ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’.

September 1 Wattle Day

Today 1st of September is National Wattle day in Australia. Acacias commonly known as Wattles are a diverse genus of trees and shrubs found throughout Australia in every imaginable habitat. Here’s a quick post before midnight National Wattle Day 2021. Today I woke with a headache… feeling low, I realized I have barely ventured outsideContinue reading “September 1 Wattle Day”

Photos from Karrum Yallok (Plenty River)

THE RIVER And I behold once moreMy old familiar haunts; here the blue river,The same blue wonder that my infant eyeAdmired, sage doubting whence the traveller came,—Whence brought his sunny bubbles ere he washedThe fragrant flag-roots in my father’s fields,And where thereafter in the world he went.Look, here he is, unaltered, save that nowHe hathContinue reading “Photos from Karrum Yallok (Plenty River)”

A short walk up the creek

Venturing up Coulstocks creek, a tributary of Kurrum Yallock (Plenty River). While having a look around Coulstocks Mill a couple of weeks ago I noticed how clean the water flowing down the adjoining creek appeared to be. I was conscious that there had been a lot of development in the area and was surprised toContinue reading “A short walk up the creek”

Garden treats

OK… Not a big one but I am compelled to write just a tad about the veggie garden. As a kid growing up in the 70s the Sabbath and Sunday roasts were still a thing. If you wanted roast chicken you had to roast a chicken… If you wanted a fresh one, you could goContinue reading “Garden treats”

August in a Red Zone C19

I arrived in the North of Melbourne on Thursday evening at about 6:30 pm on the day that the Victorian Premier declared the whole of Victoria a Covid19 Red zone. As I rolled out of Ballarat I happened to try the radio, just at the time Daniel Andrews was announcing a state wide lockdown! NoContinue reading “August in a Red Zone C19”


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