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Indoor plant for the well healed

“Pick any house with an Aspidistra in the window. It’s a guarantee or respectability”

(Bookshop owner No.1, ‘A Merry War’ adapted from Orwell’s ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’.

Resurrected plant from back of yard

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

3 thoughts on “Indoor plant for the well healed

  1. Yes, certainly sir.
    I’ll be checking in on your plant some day.
    The cast iron plant perpetually mocking bohemian spirits, threatening our creativity with content mediocrity.


  2. This plant belonged to my grandmother. The tub it is in was an old washing machine tub. Both are really old. They don’t call it the cast Iron Plant for nothing. It’s somehow comforting to have these resilient relics from another era, lingering around to remind us.


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