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My cheeky dingo friend. I’ve dubbed him ‘Notorious’! (Actually maybe he’s a she. She doesn’t care what I call her)

He has earned a reputation. 🙂 He is completely free!

Maybe someone kept him as a pet but he does what he likes. I saw he had a leather collar, it came off… By intention and by design… wild things have no regard for collars or tags.

He runs on the beach with dogs, rolls and lazes in the grass, chases birds and kills lizards and chickens!

He seems to look on humans as slow and lumbering marks to be tricked, fooled, evaded and scoffed.

I don’t know anyone so free and apparently happy!
Peter Pan on four legs! A nuisance, a rogue.

Master of all he surveys mystery to those he evades.

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

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