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Brief flash back…

I meant to write, I truly did.

Time passed so quickly, working 16 days straight… Jumping from metaphoric muddy banks to mossy rocks while crocodiles lerking in cloudy swamp water wait patiently for my foothold to falter…

I just could not find the time. So many things to share, so little opportunity to commit thought to word or text in any meaningful way.

As I try to recall the moments colours fade and skeleton frames of memory back dim to shadow stencils of lives past. I hit the replay button and find scratchy fragments of time intercepted by experience, obscured by glare of present must do’s.

Peace and blessings 🙏

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

2 thoughts on “Brief flash back…

  1. I love this post David. I sometimes feel like that too, fragments of memories and time passing much too quickly. Sometimes we just need to go with the flow. I love the photo of the donkeys. Where was it taken? I love the the donkeys that wander around Silverton, near Broken Hill in NSW. Dollar was a very friendly local and would stick his head through the open door of the pub. Blessings to you too.

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  2. The donkey’s were in the APY Lands S.A. North of Ernabella (Pukatja). They are full wild beasts with a wicked curiosity. I saw them crossing the road ahead of me and slowed down to have a chat. They responded by standing boldly by the roadside in the Buffel grass (A horrid weed that has taken over much of Central Australia). I wish I’d taken more photos down there. I was shown a grave covered in the obligatory garlands of plastic flowers. It was in the middle of town, beside an old restored wooden cart. One fella said to me… “Hey…. See that grave over there? That’s not human grave… That’s donky!” There was an old white donkey that adopted the town and hung around for years. She eventually passed away so they had a funeral for her and buried her beside the cart, right outside the art centre. While I was sleeping in a tent outside, I heard a mob of them come running through town as if they owned the place. Funny creatures.


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