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Garden treats

OK… Not a big one but I am compelled to write just a tad about the veggie garden.

As a kid growing up in the 70s the Sabbath and Sunday roasts were still a thing. If you wanted roast chicken you had to roast a chicken… If you wanted a fresh one, you could go to the local chook farm and choose the the one you want, pluck it, gut it, rest it then cook it. We didn’t have to do all of these things, but Macas, HJ’s and KFC weren’t yet common place and most of the shops would be closed.

I grew up with a sense that the world was moving toward a sustainable and self sufficient more natural way of life. At our place we ripped out the oil heater and burned wood in the an open fire, had a native garden, grew tons of vegetables in the back yard… (Bad memories of eating very woody Zukini…. boiled) and learned how to make mud bricks.

The GoodLife was on TV and I thought everyone was planning to ditch their jobs and weave their own levis out of armpit hair. Then the 80s came and all that hippie dippy stuf was dropped like a hot spud! I never really caught on and continued wearing flannel miller shirts and army disposal wool wear long after they became incredibly unpopular with the new wave. Everyone else was listening to Bowie while I was listening to RedGum and Wurrumpi.

So… before I wax on too much about the glorious and hopeful future (that never came to pass) Here’s a few photos of my mum’s current food garden… quite empty at the moment but still producing enough greens to supplement our meals a few times per week. Sometimes there are field mushrooms, tons of tomatoes in summer, apricots (over a brief season) and mobs of other summer veg and fruit… strawberries etc… Yum garden!

Tastes like coriander
Broad beans
Rhubarb in the pie (was in the garden)

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