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August in a Red Zone C19

I arrived in the North of Melbourne on Thursday evening at about 6:30 pm on the day that the Victorian Premier declared the whole of Victoria a Covid19 Red zone. As I rolled out of Ballarat I happened to try the radio, just at the time Daniel Andrews was announcing a state wide lockdown!

No travel around the state from 8pm… What extraordinary timing! I had just enough time to make it to my folks place before the door slammed behind me!

I rolled into town, filled the tank of the camper van with fuel and took her through a local car wash to remove the film of grime that had formed over the past three days of touring. I had reached the final destination of my road trip. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d be doing next but heading back to Darwin was no longer on the cards… not until the lock down has ended. I took off my shoes and made myself comfortable.

I’ve been here a week, was supposed to fly out tonight but cancelled my ticket and received credit voucher for $8.75 AUD (LOL… Oh yeah I got that flight for free in the first place! How do I use an $8.75 airline voucher?)

It’s been great hanging out at my folks place without feeling like I’ve got to get out and about. If I’m going to be stuck anywhere this is not such a bad place to be… A beautiful garden full of birds and colourful plants, mum insists on cooking dinner every night… Cozy bed, wifi, a bunch of great walks within the 5km travel limit, fresh veggies and fruit, decent locally gathered honey! Cool days and nights!

I have taken a few walks down to the Plenty River and was taken by a neighbor to see an historic site that was right under my nose for 40 years and I never knew it was there! (I hope to make a more informative post about that particular site soon!)

For now, here’s some photos of my current digs especially the garden.

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