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Delighting in colours

Having recently read a post on one of my favourite blogs I was inspired to consider the effect of colour on my life. That incredible elevation of spirit at the sight of a crystal clear sea reflecting the light of the sky diffusing blue across the spectrum of sea and sky, the lush greens of the tropical wet seasons, the red ochre and yellows produced by certain roots to create pigments that colour those beautiful woven baskets and dillibags.

The blog post I was reading referred to the colour blue. And the extraordinary efforts and experience required to create a lasting pigment that could be applied to surfaces and leave an enduring impression of the magnificent hue.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a flower that produces the most vivid blue when added to warm water. Though the colour does not hold like a paint, it can create a wonderful effect in drinks. The flower Cliroria ternatea has been used as a food die in India and applied to rice on special occasions.

The flower is supposed to increase fertility in women.

This weekend we had a party for my flat mate so I went out to some local bushland where the plant grows wild.

We used the edible flowers to decorate deserts and colour drinks. Below are some images of the flower diluted in warm water. The variation in colour is the result of acidic licuid such as lemon or lime.

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