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Here again
A desk, an office, a mystery nobody asked

A place between nowhere or way

What was and could never be

A Day! This day?

Honour the covenant,  Hold the fort prolong the mission, 

Dilute the word and kill the song

Work for middle men all day long

Gate keepers, paths, defused truth

Flower petals and cigarette ash

The Mark missed in a flurry of KPIs and Derivative misery

Propagator of dream – whisper delusion 

Chained in obligation – fear and false duty

A toxic station

Trapped in bureaucratic impunity! 

A life leaves bed sores on the brain and on the ass!

Gratefully I return daily A place to go, a thing to do, someone to be!

Blissfully I sleep in my cell obliviously

Wake at dawn it’s Monday again on a Tuesday!
Happy Monday

(It was another day of the week… what difference at all?)

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

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