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Waiting on the thunder

I woke this morning after a weird out of sync weekend, and I just couldn’t adjust to this time or space.

So many particles of various lives collided over the course of three days. Obligations, activities, people, places, things that needed to be done (or at least I thought they did). No time to be, me. What particles of this event between waking and sleep actually ‘is’ me? I?

Amid all the miss-adventure I managed to ride in the rain with a friend.

We watched an enormous storm cloud engulf the coast, felt the rush of wind, sensed the darkening sky, there was a light show at the centre of it all and before it, a clear blue sky! We watched the lights and waited O the thunder! We cycled along the edge, between hell and Highwater electrified and ecstatic. We howled and yelped as the rain came down. Blessed in the soaking delight of tropical rain.

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

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