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Running the gauntlet

It was a long shot to travel so far. I desired the experience of a meandering journey through the desert. Time to think, time to release, a chance to be cleansed…

Time was not on my side. I’d just missed a couple of potential obstacles that could have prevented me from travelling at all. By mere hours.

Unfortunately, due to the impending covid restrictions, I needed to get across the NT border and back to Darwin before more sites are identified as Covid Hotspots. I hit the road.

Monster in a lake of salt
No floater
They buzz the road
Potshots fly hazardous
Sleeping on the lawn
Refuge from Sun and rain
Water in the ruts
When it rains
The Rock lives, breathes and bathes
Rainbow cliffs… Maybe something
Too many chipped stone blades
None shall pass
Karlu Karlu

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

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