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Sweet promise of mobility

During the modern era of pandemic and disease the healthy ones, the lucky ones don’t know how close we are to the poison edge of a virulent disease.

We long to travel like in the old days when countries and state borders had become little more than lines on a page.

At this time last month I started my journey, flying to my family in the south, visiting the apple Isle, stopping over in the city of churches and driving gallantly across borders with the net of possible quarantine closing around me quickly.

Only a fool with unearned privilege would think it ok to attempt such an ambitious crossing of borders. I took, the chance and made it through.

Saw family and friends, covered distances that have once again been relegated to unnecessarily far. What a joy it is to come and go. To Roll.

Some photos.

Safety first
The matriarch
Insect house
Many food plants
Wild blackberry
Blackberry syrup
Home grown strawberry jam
Museum of poop
50 year old White Cedar
Flooded road
Stone blade

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Disorganised Dilettante

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