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There has been no reason for my absence from this space. It would have served me well to write. Instead I submitted to the demons in my head and black dog visited me each night in my bed. Grim days of despair and fitful rage eventually I was brought a little closer to truth, to reason to happiness…? I suppose.

When once again I surrendered and cried. Enough!

So from the delights of morning rides to the madness of my office chamber, sleepless nights, angry and confusing days. 2020 was quite a turbulent year.

It’s funny though, how all things pass. Whatever it was that drove me mad on a previous day, or week or for months without relent suddenly are past and today is, another day.

A different day… Oh what a day. When I shaved off my beard and shaved off my hair, I caught a look at the busted-arse man in the mirror, hah I smiled… What drift was I supposed to catch? What way to find or message to get. What did I learn?

There are cobwebs in my ears and dust in my eyes. But even in agitation… beauty emerges triumphant, a kiss on the forehead for an aching mind. Stone ballast of my soul, righter of ways.

Here’s a few photos, in no particular order for no particular reason except that they were and I was and we yet remain for this breath in time.

Female Crimson Finch – Nesting on our balcony! (I noticed a pair of birds hanging around so put up a finch nest. They moved in straight away!
The Wild Rice carvings by Mitsuaki Tanabe (A tribute to the native grain)
Extreme Low Tides in Darwin reveal coral reef
Coral Reef Exposed at low tide… (Possibly some bleaching)
View from a friend’s balcony where I happen to be living ATM
Sunset at Nightcliff Jetty (again)

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