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Welcome to the Combobulated Pinboard

OK yes it’s an odd title.

Why ‘Combobulated’? Well I have spent so much time feeling ‘discombobulated’ I figured I’ve got nothing to lose by giving this space a hopeful title…

The pin board ‘(Pinboard)’ is a venue, a place where ideas may be collected, contained, considered and displayed like butterflies on a pin board…

Who am I holding space for here in the WordPress bloggerverse? Well I guess it’s a space primarily for myself, interstate and international friends who are interested in my part of the world geographically, and aren’t averse to my part of the universe on the conceptual plain… Folks who like to ponder the irony, the absurdity of the human experience. Werido’s, oddballs and misfits who are serious and silly about life. The serious ones who cry themselves to sleep at night but wake up sparkling hopefully ready to greet the dawn and face the day with humor and the night with wonder.

Before the world of social media platforms, apps etc… I would commune with the bloggers, the cyclists, the experimenters, the vegan cat loving lesbian rebels, poets and nature loving, mystic dreamers who had time to discuss the feeling of sand beneath their toes and clay beneath their nails… Walkers, swimmers, crocheting believers in natural weave, no place for ironing boards or wrist watches. The planters of gardens, shield carriers of a crimson dawn when office blocks would crumble under the weight of stampeding adolescence on a Friday afternoon, tattooed and scarred addicts clean and sober half a lifetime gathered at ice cream stands sipping late’s and swapping stories of life on an Indonesian surf beach drinking muddy coffee black and yellow rice.

I used to write stuff on Blogger at Through Balanda Eyes but now I’m here!

Image by K.F.

Published by David F

Disorganised Dilettante

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